The Silliest Home Security Mistakes You Can Make

On duty 147071231I don’t know about you, but I have definitely seen people do strange things that run contrary to the home security alarm they have paid money to install. It’s as though we assume that the control panel the technician installed into the bedroom is a magic force field box that a burglar couldn’t penetrate. We balance the precarious condition of pretending to want security only to disdain its inconvenience, and then we turn around and needing something to blame we blame the hand that would have protected us. So if you’re here looking for alarm system reports like, “how to get the best protection out of your alarm system,” then here’s the crowning glory- don’t make these ridiculous home security mistakes!

#1- Publishing Your Own Newspaper, “My Daily Plan”

If you want a large readership, get a blog, talk about thoughts, share your dreams- NEVER tell the world your vacation or work plans. Never spill your guts about your crazy work schedule and the fact that no one is home from 7 in the morning until 10 at night. If you need support from the social media world join a group and you can comfort each other, but don’t tell your plans. The big secret here is that burglars love social media just as much as you do, and they’re not looking to make friends. Keep your private life private, especially your absences, and you’ll protect yourself from social media predators.

#2- The Ladder in the Grass

You’re too busy to put away all your home improvement tools before you go inside to watch the basketball game? That’s just a dangerous idea. Ladders are so commonly left sitting alongside the house, available for a quick in and out for any forward thinking thief. Chances are a burglar passing by will see your ladder and an open window on the second floor and they’ll help themselves to your jewelry. Don’t fall for the ladder in the grass, keep your lawn clean and they’ll keep off it.

#3- Easy to See Alarm System

Typing alarm code 187979771Too many homeowners slap their alarm system up on the entryway to the house so that they can get to it easily. And many a crook has wandered close to the window and made sure the system was off before slipping into your home. Again, convenience seems to be the weakness of security systems, which might make you feel like you really don’t want one, but don’t give in to that laziness. Anything that’s worth it takes a little doing. And simply placing the alarm control panel where it can’t be seen from the door is going to keep prying eyes off.

#4- No Notes! No, None!

“Hey Sally! Sorry, I had to step out!” “Joey, come on in – I’ll be right back.” “Don’t mind the mess just make yourself at home…” Trust me, that’s exactly what your friendly neighborhood burglar is going to do. They’re going to make your home a place you wouldn’t recognize while they simply do away with your goods. Don’t leave notes on the door. If you don’t have a number, DON’T GO. Otherwise just text the person you’re waiting for. Don’t put out that invitation to the world or you’ll be disappointed with the guest that RSVPs.

#5- Arm Your Security System

The king of kings, the mistake you’ll never forget- NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT ARMING YOUR ALARM SYSTEM! I don’t care if you’re running out just to pick up something from the grocer or you’re taking a little walk down the street there is simply no room for leaving your home unprotected. You’re paying lots of money for a security system, don’t waste that money. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 20, just arm the system so you won’t get cleaned out before you get back.

So be wiser than those looking for an easy catch or you’ll be sorry in the end, no matter how great your security system is.

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