DIY Home Alarm System Install vs. Professional Install

Delivery man ringing doorbell 177015974Many, many homeowners researching home alarm systems find themselves searching for a conclusive answer as to whether or not DIY home alarm installation or professional installation is a better option. As far as we are concerned, there isn’t necessarily a right way or a wrong way; there is simply an important need to balance your decision, making sure that you’ve considered the pros and cons of both options. To help you perhaps narrow down the task at hand, we’ll outline the two varying opinions and the pros and cons of both.

The Virtues of DIY Installation

DIY projects are highly appreciated in our society. We attribute many benefits to such projects, from the empowerment that accomplishment brings to homeowners to the savings that one can enjoy. As a homeowner these are some of the advantages that come from self-installation:

  • Savings: Equipment is available on discount sites across the internet. It is easy enough to find quality devices and systems for your installation. Taking it into your own hands means not settling for anything unless it is the price you want to pay. You can enjoy great savings from DIY installation.
  • Empowerment: It’s perhaps one of the most popular reasons given for DIY projects these days- “you’ll feel great!”
  • Educated Familiarity: When you decide to install the security system on your own, you’re going to need to do your homework. Surprising as it may seem this lends itself to your familiarity in how the system works, which means if there is a problem you can handle it yourself.
  • Expansion: Many homeowners don’t know how they’ll feel about a home alarm system, so it’s easier to get started with a few small devices. If you do your own installation it’s easier to start expanding when you decide you’re ready.

The Virtues of Professional Installation

sb10066306af-001When you hire a professional to handle the installation for you, there are many pluses and minuses. But remember that home security providers make their living researching and installing security programs. Their familiarity with the product is incredible. Would you let your accountant neighbor do your root canal? No. Well, take your family’s security just as seriously.

  • Experienced: Professional installation is performed by technicians who are not only experienced, they are also well trained for the task at hand. With the proper tools and know-how, they can make short work of a complicated process.
  • Less False Alarms: When you allow a professional to do your installation, you’re going get it right the first time or you’re going to have someone to hold accountable until the system works.
  • Save Money: There are two ways you can save money hiring a professional. Number one, you’ll save time, and time is money. Number two, insurance companies are equally convinced that security systems work and will actually pay you to a discount for having a system professionally installed.

Cons of Both

Flaws can happen in both systems. Expenses can be real for both systems. Getting the security system right is the most important part of installation; no matter who does it, it is important that it gets done. When it comes to DIY installation there is very little training and no real sense of where cameras and detectors belong. With professionals, that is what you hopefully pay for. But whether or not you install the product yourself, you should educate yourself on your family’s security. And whether or not you install it, take pleasure knowing you’ve upgraded your security well.

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