4 Reasons to Love Home Alarm System Automation

Home automation 4 468692317Home alarm automation is going to be the topic of the year; that’s what the experts are already saying. Why? Well, because technology has finally caught up to our dreams of home automation and security systems are integrating with homes to create seamless and incredibly convenient home automation alarm systems. As a homeowner looking to determine what you should expect of your home alarm system you really ought to consider home automation! There are just so many things to love about home automation you’ll never want to go back.

Remote Monitoring

This is the first reason and perhaps the main reason that most homeowners have switched over to home automation systems. With cameras hooked up to wireless systems, all it takes is a simple app to control those cameras remotely. This allows homeowners to look in on their home (or vacation home) while they’re away. Mothers and fathers can check in on the kids, or the nanny or the gardener while they’re working to make sure that everything is going smoothly.

Direct Alerts

Vector red circle icon. Eps10 462307749Smart cameras can provide incredible resources of security without much effort at all. With motion detection ability, these cameras don’t need to film endless amounts of empty footage. Instead, they will wake up to motion detection AND send a direct alert to your email or phone. With a professional monitoring service and motion activated cameras providing direct alerts, you can just feel the security layering providing you with protection. And the best part is that false alarms can be easily dismissed while real situations can be addressed quickly and handled efficiently.

Home Management

Budgeting and house care are two responsibilities that can seem overwhelming. If you’re trying to go green or to lower your monthly bill for electricity, it is hard to know if you’re making a really difference. With home automation programs the house can actually tell you how you’re doing. These systems will read diagnostics and provide you with information about utilities. You can also control the lights and thermostat from your phone. This has the potential to help you eliminate wasted utilities and save money!

Complete Convenient Control

The final reason you’ll fall in love with home alarm automation is the amount of control you’ll have. You can eliminate nearly every worry you have about your home when you’re away during the day. Did you forget to turn off something? You can check on your phone. Did you remember to arm the system? You can do that from your phone. Do the kids have their keys? Doesn’t matter, you’ll let them in with your phone. You can arm and disarm the system, lock and unlock the doors and enjoy the ability to pretty much be in two places at once. Whether you need to let someone in during the day or make sure the thermostat is lowered so the house is cool when everyone gets home, you can do it! Complete control makes these alarm systems the first alarm system ever to be more convenient than not having it! And who doesn’t want that?

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