The Basics of Home Alarm Security

134942482How can we help you learn about your home alarm security system so that you can protect your home and family from the dangers that are most certainly out there? Here at Alarm System, we’re always doing our best to answer your questions. On this site we have articles discussing the benefits of home automation, tips to designing the best security system, a DIY vs. professional installation conversation, and a list of the 5 most ridiculous mistakes made by homeowners too lazy to have great security habits. There is much you can learn, and we hope we help you get your questions answered. Let’s start by covering our bases and the basics of alarm system security!

Do I Need an Alarm Security System?

My friend, no matter who you are or where you live, you are going to be better off with a home alarm system installed and working 24 hours a day. Why is this? Well, it has been shown that a burglary occurs every 13 seconds! But for those with alarm systems, you are more than 3 TIMES less likely to be the victim in comparison to those who do not have security systems. Only 17% of American homeowners have security, but 80% of those homes say they feel better protected and satisfied with their system than without it.

As A Renter Can I Get Security?

Despite what your landlord might think about your valuables, you DO deserve to be protected. The good news is there are companies and specific systems that were designed to accommodate those who are frequent movers or who can’t install permanent fixtures. With wireless systems and simple security devices, you can still enjoy the quality protection of a security system.

Are Wired or Wireless Systems Better?

Depends what you want from your home alarm system. Are you looking for cheap and easy installation, or reliability and top-notch protection? Wireless systems are by their very nature much easier to install and more versatile to fit your needs. Wired systems, though, are reliable, and reality is, no system is completely without its wires since all components need electricity.

What is Home Automation?

Privacy concept Secure Access on smartphone 459675771Home automation is an industry of security and home technology that has really begun to pick up steam in the last few years. Automation is the effort of wiring a home so that all systems, including the security systems, are controllable by a remote panel, like your phone. Many features of home automation are beginning to become available to those interested. Security systems hardwired into home automation systems are more convenient. They also provide for greater confidence and advantages such as remote monitoring.

What Are the Benefits of Home Security?

From getting discounts off your insurance premiums to being able to control your home remotely from miles away, home security is constantly providing you with new advantages. Home security alarm systems of course also provide the primary function of protection! Keep the crooks at bay, protect your home and get a professional alarm security system monitored 24 hours a day.

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